HWCC Fees and Price List - Season 2021/22


The following fees for Junior and Senior cricket applies to the upcoming season.   All players must register online (senior and junior).


Cricket Australia enforce the compulsory registration of all junior players through the play cricket website and to make payment at the time of registration.  Unfortunately the club can not do any manual registrations.  We are registered for kidsport and can accept these vouchers.   Please contact the club with your voucher number and we will send you instructions on registering.


The High Wycombe Cricket Club is proud to be able to offer the facilities it has been providing for over 30 years.

To keep the facilities, including the Turf pitch, nets, training and clubroom facilities to their high standard we incur significant costs.  Add to this the cost of umpires and cricket balls and fees only go a part way to cover the costs of our club.   We aim to keep fees as low as possible.  

If anyone has issues paying fees they need to make arrangements with the treasurer as soon as possible.  Non financial members without arrangements in place may not be selected.

Any issues with registrations please contact the club.


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The fees and ways of paying are all shown here:

Senior Ball Fees

All Grades - $10 per week

Our captains will be able to take this fee each week via paypass on your phone or card - this is our preferred method.

Annual Fees

Senior - $280 (support for fundraising activities expected)
Players in their first season of Senior Cricket, where junior cricket was played at HWCC, is free (Ball fees still apply) 

Included in this amount is a club training shirt.

Youth Cricket   
- $230 Plus $5 cricket australia insurance and a cartoncooldrink or water as allocated 
Junior Cricket  - $190 Plus $5 cricket australia insurance and a carton of cooldrink or water as allocated 
Included in this amount is a playing shirt

See Frank Thursday Nights Before 7pm 
Club Blue Shirt - $40
Club Playing Shirt - $40
Club Training Shirt (*one included with fees) - $40 
Club Shorts - $35
Hooded Jacket (orders taken, Name optional) - $60
Baggy Blue (only available while stocks last)- $30
Flexfit Cap (3 different sizes available) - $30
Wide Brim Hat (Only available while stocks last)- $10
Old Junior White Playing Shirts (limited Stock and sizes) - $10

Payment Options

Junior season fees are required to make payment through the registration process of mycricket  Offline payments and manual registrations are not possible.  Merchandise can be purchased through the registration process or at the club and paid for as per below.

The HWCC have a number of payment options available for its members, these include:
- Cash
- Cheque
- Online Payments (Internet banking)

For cash, cheque or EFTPOS payments, please see Mike Storer or a member of the committee

Online Payments
To track who online payments have come from and what they are for, we request that you make separate payments for different things.
For example, if you need to pay for two weeks of ball fees and your annual fees, please make two payments using the following guidelines:

Ball Fees
Put "BF" at the start of the reference section and also your name - "BF RMadin"

Annual Fees
Put "AF" at the start of the reference section and also your name - "AF BHort"

Equipment (shirts, caps etc)
Put "EQ" at the start of the reference section and also your name - "EQ ALawler"

This means the club know who the payment came from, and what the payment was for - this also allows our Treasurer to provide you with a receipt

Once your online payment has been submitted, please let Mike Storer know by e-mailing or SMS'ing him:

Here are the details you need for making online payments:

Account #: 2834279
BSB: 306-089
Account Name: High Wycombe Cricket Club