HWCC's Coaching Structure for the new Season

We are excited to update everyone on our coaching structures for the upcoming season.  We have made some big efforts,  thanks to Frank, Mike and Matt who took on the task when Chris announced he was retiring last year, to really get a good structure in place 

The first task that they accomplished was to discuss and negotiate with Chris Gillard to return as Club Head Coach.  With his recovery from the Knee operation going better than he expected  Chris was keen to put his hand back up for the job with the promise of some other structures in place.  We believe we have achieved this and more as per below



Chris Gillard -  Head Club Coach

Steve Mclean – Net Capt for 1sts and 3rds 

Rod Cover-Thursday assistant batting coach

Darren Waldren- assistant bowling coach (2-1 fifo roster)

Dave Jacobson- net capt, 5ths & 1 dayers. 5ths & 1 dayers fielding coordinator

Mike Storer- 1st grade captain 1s & 3s fielding & fitness coordinator

Kev Leitch- Selections

Brett Motteram- bowling coach(when available)


We would like to firstly welcome the new faces and thank everyone on putting their hand up to help make High Wycombe Cricket Club the best local Cricket Club  for all levels of cricket to play.  We encourage everyone to get on board and enjoy your cricket and use the coaches to help you throughout the year to get the most out of your season.  We all know cricket is much more enjoyable when you are playing well and getting results.  So the coaches are there for everyone - so lets embrace what they bring to the club and help us ramp up our training sessions so they are productive while being fun for all.


Preseason starts at Lilac Hill Nets on Wed August 18th @ 7pm . 


See below to ensure you register so we have your details and get added to the players chat to keep up to date.   

We welcome all old and new players.  Feel free to introduce anyone who wishes to play this year so we can welcome them aboard.

Registrations for 2021 / 22 Cricket Season Now Open 


Welcome to the new Cricket Season.  The club looks forward to another wonderful season of cricket and welcoming all old and new players to the club.


 We offer cricket for young kids starting out , through to juniors for all age groups and Seniors cricket.   For the young cricketer starting out this is done through our Blasters programs, with our junior cricketers playing in the Midland Guildford Junior Cricket Association and our Seniors are part of the West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Association.


The club has three home grounds all at Scott Reserve with the main ground being a turf wicket.  Being one of the few clubs having 3 grounds at one location it makes for a great place and atmosphere to play cricket at.  We are sure you will enjoy the facilities , the club and the people at HWCC, where our motto is Pride Beyond Boundaries.


The following is the online registration link


Register - Click here


Any queries please email us on hwcc@iinet.net.au