Hall of Fame - Batting | High Wycombe Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1107180580915314523538616107*Tim GrabskiHigh Wycombe2020/20215th Grade1 1Bassendean
2807910901531452360552580Ethan OzanneHigh Wycombe2020/2021Under 15's2 1Ellenbrook Rangers Gold
37316632281531452348248673Ranil DhammikaHigh Wycombe2020/20211st Grade4 1Bedford Morley
4647910901531452360553364*Ethan OzanneHigh Wycombe2020/2021Under 15's4 1Swan View Cricket Club
5585926661531452348247358Cam PryceHigh Wycombe2020/20211st Grade2 1Bentley
6575719051531452348246957Blake JensenHigh Wycombe2020/20211st Grade1 1Wembley Districts
753193911531452348317353Bradley M JoseHigh Wycombe2020/20213rd Grade3 1Balcatta
85210532251531452362478552Luke SlyHigh Wycombe2020/2021One Day Grade 3 - East2 1North Perth
95111353011531452362479751*Tom D SykesHigh Wycombe2020/2021One Day Grade 3 - East5 1Swan Valley
10501818551531452348246950Chris KirkhamHigh Wycombe2020/20211st Grade1 1Wembley Districts
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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